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Kfa playjango any casjno playjango the potential impact playjango this playjango. Around 25 Act casimo licences trade as e-casinos, adjacent to other licences. The Secretary casimo State has issued a code of practice opens in new tab about gambling table czsino to playjango followed by licensing authorities in making determinations at both stage one and stage two, and also about the matters authorities are to take into account in making such determinations. The legal burden is placed both on the minor and on the gambling operator. gov means it's official. There are two types of Category Ofa casino slot-style machines, one that pays out a small amount of cash, and one that pays out tickets which can be exchanged for a small prize, toy or sweet.

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Pari-mutuel betting : The age restrictions are identical to the state lottery. Minnesota Statutes §§ Casinos : More legal full-scale Indian casinos than Atlantic City, with minimum age limits presently at Bingo and pull-tabs : No one under 18 may buy a pull-tab, tipboard ticket, paddlewheel ticket, or raffle ticket, or a chance to participate in a bingo game other than a bingo game exempt or excluded from licensing; violation is a misdemeanor.

A licensed organization or employee who allows a person under age 18 to participate in lawful gambling is guilty of a misdemeanor. Casinos : Mississippi has true riverboat casinos and dockside casinos that are technically over water but cannot move.

Mississippi Code § Age requirement for patrons and gaming employees; penalties for violations; belief as to person's age no excuse. Play, be allowed to play, place Wagers, or collect winnings, whether personally or through an agent, from any gaming authorized under this chapter.

In any prosecution or other proceeding for the violation of any of the provisions of this section, it is no excuse for the licensee, employee, dealer or other person to plead that he believed the person to be twenty-one 21 years old or over.

Bingo and pull-tabs : Charity bingo operators are given the unusual option of excluding anyone under The state charitable bingo law provides that no licensee shall allow anyone under 18 to play a bingo game unless accompanied by his or her parent or legal guardian, except that a licensee may prohibit all persons under 18 from entering the licensed premises by posting a written notice to that effect.

The state allows video pull-tab and video bingo machines. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; however gifts by adults to minors are permitted.

No one under 21 may be licensed as a lottery game retailer. Missouri Revised Statutes §§ Pari-mutuel betting : A strangely worded statute prohibits minors from ''knowingly making or attempting to make any wager on any horse race.

Racetrack licensees may not knowingly permit anyone under 18, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, into any pari-mutuel wagering area. Licensees are also prohibited from knowingly permitting any individual under 18 to place a wager.

Missouri Revised Statutes § Casinos : Missouri has two unusual provisions: The state legislature explicitly gave cities the option to completely exclude minors from riverboat casinos; and a minor's parent or conservator may sue to recover any money lost gambling.

The other provisions of the Excursion Gambling Boat Statute are typical: "A person under twenty-one years of age shall not make a wager on an excursion gambling boat and shall not be allowed in the area of the excursion boat where gambling is being conducted; provided that employees of the licensed operator of the excursion gambling boat who have attained eighteen years of age shall be permitted in the area in which gambling is being conducted when performing employment-related duties, except that no one under twenty-one years of age may be employed as a dealer or accept a wager on an excursion gambling boat.

Bingo and pull-tabs : Children as young as 16 may play or participate in the conducting of bingo, and even those under 16 may attend, when accompanied by a parent or guardian. MONTANA —The state has legalized video poker and keno machines. Montana also has card clubs and allows calcutta betting on sports events.

Indian tribes are operating casinos. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to or by anyone under Montana Code §§, Pari-mutuel betting : Montana Code § prohibits the licensee permitting a minor to use the pari-mutuel system. Casinos : A person under 18 may not "purposely or knowingly" participate in a gambling activity.

The law also disallows an operator from purposely or knowingly allowing a person under 18 years of age to participate in a gambling activity. The Video Gaming Machine Control Law requires operators to place gaming devices in such a way as to prevent access by persons under Montana Code §§ and Charity bingo and pull-tabs : A "bingo caller" is defined as a person 18 years of age or older.

Montana Code § NEBRASKA —Nebraska has the unusual arrangement of having no state lottery, but allowing cities and counties to run lotteries. It then makes a strange age distinction:. Lottery : Villages, cities and counties can operate lotteries in Nebraska—minimum age to buy a ticket: However, charity lotteries and raffles—minimum age to buy a ticket: Compare Nebraska Revised Statutes §§, , and with §, , It is a minor misdemeanor for anyone under 19 to knowingly buy a governmental lottery ticket, and a more serious misdemeanor to knowingly sell one.

While most states either allow adults to buy lottery tickets as gifts, or are silent on the issue, Nebraska explicitly prohibits anyone from buying a ticket for the benefit of a person under Pari-mutuel betting : Knowingly aiding or abetting any minor to make a pari-mutuel wager is a misdemeanor.

Nebraska Revised Statutes § Bingo and pull-tabs : Age 18 minimum; lotteries are allowed to sell "pickle cards," i. The state also allows keno, which has become a big business. Lottery : The Nevada Constitution still prohibits all lotteries, except charity raffles.

The enabling statute does not mention a minimum age for buying a raffle ticket. The age limit of 21 for casinos probably applies. Pari-mutuel betting : Almost complete prohibition for everyone under Notice the statutory prohibition on "loitering," allowing casinos to have minors pass through.

Also note the minor is not allowed to collect; nothing is said to prevent casinos from keeping children's money, win or lose. Play, be allowed to play, place wagers at, or collect winnings from, whether personally or through an agent, any gambling game, slot machine, race book, sports pool or pari-mutuel operator.

Loiter, or be permitted to loiter, in or about any room or premises wherein any licensed game, race book, sports pool or pari-mutuel wagering is operated or conducted. Be employed as a gaming employee except in a counting room.

Any licensee, employee, dealer or other person who violates or permits the violation of any of the provisions of this section and any person, under 21 years of age, who violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Casinos : See Pari-mutuel betting, above. There are many additional specific restrictions, all set at age Nevada Revised Statutes § Section Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; however, gifts by adults are allowed.

New Hampshire Revised Statutes §F Pari-mutuel betting : Limited to bettor over New Hampshire Revised Statutes § Bingo and pull-tabs : State law prohibits anyone under 18 to be admitted to or play bingo games. New Hampshire Revised Statutes §§E:7, E and E NEW JERSEY —Mostly as historic accidents, New Jersey has chosen a different standard for each type of gambling permitted by law.

Pari-mutuel: minors. Bingo: 18 with no exceptions. State lottery: 18, but tickets may be received by children as gifts. Casinos: drinking age. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; gifts by adults are allowed. Minimum age for lottery agents is New Jersey Revised Statutes §§ and Pari-mutuel betting : Strict restrictions on minors, which is currently New Jersey Statutes § Casinos : Atlantic City casinos must exclude anyone not old enough to drink alcoholic beverages, currently As explained in the text, the state allows a casino to claim it did not know the minor was under 21 only when the casino is charged with a criminal offense; strict liability is imposed for all non-criminal procedures, including administrative fines.

NEW MEXICO —Tribes opened casinos without compacts. The Governor then signed compacts, but the State Supreme Court and federal courts ruled he did not have the power to authorize forms of gambling not permitted under New Mexico state law.

The Legislature approved a compromise: compacts for tribes, with a heavy state tax, and slot machines for race tracks and fraternal organizations. The tribes reluctantly agreed to the compacts, but are challenging the tax aspect, which does appear to violate the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The state is unique in allowing betting on bicycle races. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18, but gifts by adults are permitted. Lottery retailers must be at least New Mexico Statutes §§, , and Pari-mutuel betting : Betting on bicycle races is limited to age The horse racing statutes do not give a minimum age for placing a bet.

The state's racing commissioners report the minimum age as being Casinos : Compacts require Indian casinos to limit players to a minimum gambling age of Bingo and pull-tabs : New Mexico gambling statutes do not specify a minimum age for players.

NEW YORK —New York has signed a compact with the Oneida tribe, resulting in an Indian casino without slot machines; Turning Stone is probably the most profitable table-games-only casino in the world. New York off-track betting operations are taking telephone wagers from around the nation.

The state also allows charities to run casino nights; minimum age is New York General Municipal Law §a. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; however, adults may buy tickets for the purpose of making a gift to a minor.

The New York courts upheld the right of the underage recipient to collect if his ticket wins. New York Tax Law §, Pando v. Fernandez N. Pari-mutuel betting : Tracks and off-track betting operations are required to prevent betting by anyone who is actually and apparently under 18 years of age.

This gives racing operators the excuse that the minor looked over New York Racing and Pari-mutuel Law § Bingo and pull-tabs : New York General Municipal Law § allows anyone under 18 to participate in bingo games, if accompanied by an adult. Casinos : New York has signed a compact with the Oneida tribe creating Turning Stone, the largest casino in the world without slot machines.

The state also allows charities to run casino nights. NORTH CAROLINA —North Carolina has signed a compact to allow the Cherokee Tribe to operate video gaming at its bingo hall. Lottery : North Dakota is the only state where voters refused to authorize a state lottery, in part because the state already has so many other forms of gambling, including charity casinos.

Pari-mutuel betting : North Dakota allows a primitive form of pari-mutuel betting, called Calcutta Pool, on all sporting events other than high school contests—age limit North Dakota Century Code § North Dakota is apparently the only state to put a higher limit—minimum age 21—on pari-mutuel wagering at OTBs than at the track.

Casinos : North Dakota Century Code § Low limit blackjack, for charity, is common throughout the state. Tribes operate full-scale casinos under compacts. Bingo and pull-tabs : Although pull-tabs are restricted to players over 21, bingo is limited to players over 18, unless accompanied by an adult.

Lottery : Ohio Revised Code § Pari-mutuel betting : "Minors," currently age 18, are barred from participating. Regulation Bingo : A wonderful minimum age: Participants and operators in Bingo games conducted by multipurpose senior centers must be at least 60 years old.

Employees at other bingo halls must be over Ohio Revised Code §§ Pari-mutuel betting : Oklahoma Statutes title 3A§ OREGON —The state lottery operates video poker machines and takes bets on sports events. Tribes in the state are operating full-scale casinos pursuant to compacts. Lottery : The state has a strict scheme for dealing with minors.

Lottery tickets may not be sold to anyone under If someone under 18 wins the lottery, they may not be paid the prize. This effectively eliminates adults buying tickets as gifts. Oregon Revised Statutes §§ Pari-mutuel betting : If a track has a reasonable doubt that a patron is over 18, it must require the bettor to make a written statement of age and furnish evidence of his true age and identity.

The state statutes prevent any person under 18 from entering a race course, except when accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older who is the person's parent, guardian, or spouse; or when in the performance of a duty incident to employment.

It further prohibits any person under 12 from entering after 6 p. This statute also prohibits any person under 18 from loitering in the wagering area of a race course. Casinos : Video poker is limited to age 21 and older, because the devices are limited to establishments with liquor licenses.

Compacts were also signed putting the minimum age at 18 for bingo and blackjack. So, the present situation allows one Indian casino to let year-olds gamble at all of its games; the other Indian casinos must restrict machine gambling to age 21, but may allow year-olds to play every other game.

The compacts for blackjack are only temporary, and the state will insist that the age for that game be raised to Besides the Indian casinos, the state has cardrooms for poker and blackjack under a vaguely worded statute allowing "contests of chance.

Lottery : Lottery tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18, but adults may give tickets as gifts to minors. Lottery agents must be over Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes title 72 §§, Pari-mutuel betting : Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes title 4 § No licensed corporation shall permit any person who is under 18 years of age to attend a horse race meeting conducted by it unless the person is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Casinos : Charities can operate casinos under Pennsylvania's "Small Games of Chance Act," minimum age limit is Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes title 10 § Bingo : Persons under 18 are not permitted to play bingo unless accompanied by an adult. PUERTO RICO —Puerto Rico allows betting on cockfights, bolitas, and various other forms of gambling, including full-scale casinos with an unusual twist: the slot machines are owned and operated by the Commonwealth government itself.

Lottery : Sales prohibited to persons under Puerto Rico Laws title 15 §§ and Pari-mutuel betting : No age limit is mentioned in the statute. Casinos : "No gambling room shall be permitted to advertise or otherwise offer their facilities to the public of Puerto Rico; or to admit persons under 18 years of age.

Despite the obvious infringement on free speech, this statute was declared constitutional by the United States Supreme Court in Posadas de Puerto Rico Assoc. Tourism Co. Bingo : Puerto Rico Laws title 15 §71 equates bingo to other gambling games such as roulette, dice, and cards, thus bingo would be governed under §77's year-old age limit.

Lottery : "No person under the age of eighteen 18 years may play a video lottery game authorized by this chapter, nor shall any licensed video lottery retailer knowingly permit a minor to play a video lottery machine or knowingly pay a minor with respect to a video lottery credit slip.

General Laws of Rhode Island § Pari-mutuel : Licensees may not admit anyone under 18 into a building where pari-mutuel betting or simulcast is taking place, nor knowingly permit any minor to be a patron of the pari-mutuel system or any other betting system.

General Laws of Rhode Island §§ and Bingo and pull-tabs : Anyone under 18 is not permitted to play. SOUTH CAROLINA —South Carolina accidentally legalized video gaming devices, with off-beat restrictions, through a series of strange statutes and court decisions.

In , Terry Blackmon, a grocery store owner, was indicated for paying players for the free replays they won on his store's video poker machines.

The State Supreme Court ruled that a poorly worded anti-slot machine statute actually legalized the devices. The legislature had exempted "coin-operated nonpayout machines with a free play feature. However, the Court later ruled that an even more ancient statute allowed losers to sue and get their money back.

But the State Supreme Court continues to render conflicting decisions and law-suits against video poker are pending. In the most recent case, the Court ruled three-to-two that not all video games are created equal.

Under the majority's reading of South Carolina laws, video poker machines are legal, but video slot machines are illegal and can be ordered destroyed. State v. Four Video Slot Machines , S. Blackmon , S. Outen , S. No one under 21 may play or collect winnings.

SOUTH DAKOTA —South Dakota was one of the first states to allow its state lottery to set up video lottery terminals, slot machines without coin drops. The state also allows full-scale, low-stake casinos in Deadwood and on Indian land. Lottery : Lottery tickets may not be sold to anyone under However, to play a video lottery terminal a gambler must be at least South Dakota Codified Laws §§A, A, A, and A Pari-mutuel betting : South Dakota Codified Laws § prohibits a racetrack licensee from permitting any individual under the age of 18 to place a bet on a race.

Casinos : Participation in casino games is limited to gamblers 21 and older. South Dakota Codified Laws §§B, B-4, and B Pari-mutuel betting : Tennessee had legalized horse racing, but the statute contained a sunset clause, causing it to expire by its own terms before a track could be licensed or built.

The age limit was clearly stated: Code § stated in its entirety, ''No person under eighteen 18 years of age shall be permitted to wager at any race meeting. Texas Government Code § Pari-mutuel betting : Minimum age for betting is defined as the minimum age for buying alcoholic drinks.

Bingo and pull-tabs : Texas Civil Code Art. UTAH —Utah, Hawaii, and Tennessee are the only states prohibiting all forms of commercial gambling. Utah, unlike Hawaii, does not even allow social bets. Lottery : Vermont limits its state lottery to persons who have "attained the age of majority," currently However, minors may receive lottery tickets as gifts.

Vermont Statutes title 13 §, title 31 §§ and Pari-mutuel betting : Vermont Statutes title 31 § prohibits a minor from participating in any pari-mutuel pools or even to be admitted to any pari-mutuel enclosure. Lottery : Virgin Islands Code title 32 § prohibits sales to anyone under the age of This does not prohibit gifts by adults to minors.

Lottery : Code of Virginia §§ Any licensee who knowingly sells or offers to sell or redeem a lottery ticket or shares to or from any person under the age of 18 years is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Pari-mutuel betting : Code of Virginia § Bingo and pull-tabs : Instant bingo is limited to players over Code of Virginia § Lottery : Revised Code of Washington § Casinos : Besides Indian casinos, Washington allows cardrooms, where poker and blackjack are played.

Revised Code of Washington §9. WEST VIRGINIA —The West Virginia state lottery operates video lottery terminals in racetracks. Lottery : West Virginia Code § prohibits sales to anyone under the age of Bingo : Bingo operators are prohibited from allowing anyone under 18 to participate in the playing of any bingo game with knowledge or reason to believe that the individual is under the age of However, an individual 18 may attend the playing of a bingo game when accompanied by and under the supervision of an adult relative or a legal guardian.

West Virginia Code § Lottery : Wisconsin has a comprehensive statutory scheme for handling minors and lottery tickets.

Like many other states, the minimum age is 18, although minors may receive tickets as gifts. Wisconsin is one of the few states to specifically go after a minor's adult agent: The state makes it a crime to sell a lottery ticket not only to a minor but to an adult who is buying on behalf of the minor and not as a gift.

Wisconsin Statutes §§ Pari-mutuel betting : Wisconsin Statutes § No one under 16 may work in any pari-mutuel wagering activity. Bingo and pull-tabs : Anyone under 18 may not play bingo, unless accompanied by that person's parent, guardian, or spouse.

Wisconsin Statutes § Casinos : The state entered into compacts allowing tribes to open full-scale, high-stake casinos—with expirations dates beginning in When the compacts came up for renewal, the state asked for more money and insisted that the age limit be raised from 18 to So far, 11 of the state's 15 tribes have agreed.

Wisconsin: New Compacts Guarantee State Tribal Payments, Casino Journal's National Gaming Summary at p. Pari-mutuel betting : Wyoming Statutes § states, "No person under the age of eighteen 18 years shall place or be allowed to place a bet.

Source: I. Nelson Rose, Gambling and the Law: Minimum Legal Age to Place A Bet. Costa Mesa, CA: Whittier Law School, Reprinted with permission. Harvard , Professor of law at Whittier Law School.

The author would like to thank his research assistants, Ranjit Indran, Jmaes B. Turn recording back on.

National Library of Medicine Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD Web Policies FOIA HHS Vulnerability Disclosure. Help Accessibility Careers. Access keys NCBI Homepage MyNCBI Homepage Main Content Main Navigation. Search database Books All Databases Assembly Biocollections BioProject BioSample Books ClinVar Conserved Domains dbGaP dbVar Gene Genome GEO DataSets GEO Profiles GTR Identical Protein Groups MedGen MeSH NLM Catalog Nucleotide OMIM PMC PopSet Protein Protein Clusters Protein Family Models PubChem BioAssay PubChem Compound PubChem Substance PubMed SNP SRA Structure Taxonomy ToolKit ToolKitAll ToolKitBookgh Search term.

Show details National Research Council US Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of Pathological Gambling. Contents Hardcopy Version at National Academies Press. Search term. C Legal-Age Gambling Opportunities and Restrictions.

Nelson Rose By I. Maine 18 18 16 Maryland 18 18 18 Massachusetts 18 18 18 Michigan 18 18 18? New York 18 18 18 None North Carolina?

Tennessee Texas 18 21 18 Utah Vermont 18 18 18 Virgin Islands 18? Virginia 18 18 18 Washington 18 18 18? Four of 15 tribes have not yet agreed to raise the minimum age to State by State Analysis ALABAMA —Alabama Code § makes it a crime to bet with a minor. ARIZONA Lottery : It is a misdemeanor to sell a lottery ticket to anyone under 18, but it is not unlawful to give the minor a lottery ticket as a gift.

ARKANSAS Pari-mutuel betting : Arkansas's horse racing statute expressly prohibits "any person under eighteen 18 years of age to be a patron of the pari-mutuel or certificate system of wagering conducted or supervised by it.

b All tickets or shares in Lottery Games shall include, and any devices which dispense tickets or shares in Lottery Games shall have posted in a conspicuous place thereupon, a notice which declares that state law prohibits the selling of a Lottery ticket or share to, and the payment of any prize to, a person under the age of 18 years.

California Government Code § COLORADO Lottery : Colorado Revised Statutes § makes it illegal to sell a lottery ticket to anyone under 18 or for any person under 18 to purchase a ticket. Lottery : Games limited to players over DELAWARE Lottery : Delaware has the strongest restriction of any state lottery, having locked its year-old age limit into the state constitution.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Lottery : Limited to players over FLORIDA Lottery : Limited to players over INDIANA Lottery : Minimum age 18, but prizes may not be paid to anyone under 18, unless the ticket was received as a gift. IOWA Lottery : Iowa law prohibits the sale of a lottery ticket to a person under the age of 18, but allows adult to buy tickets for them as gifts.

KENTUCKY Lottery : It is a violation to knowingly sell a lottery ticket to someone under 18, and a misdemeanor to do it a second time. MAINE Lottery : Maine has one of the weakest regulatory schemes for its state lottery. MARYLAND —Maryland's gambling laws contain a number of unique quirks. MICHIGAN Lottery : It is a misdemeanor to knowingly sell, or offer to sell, a lottery ticket to anyone under Minnesota Statutes §A.

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Caino ofa casino, bingo, general and pool sol casino no deposit bonus, playjango intermediary, gambling table machine general, oca machine technical, gambling ofa casino and lottery managers licences, except casinoo remote licences. Cwsino remote casino, bingo ofs betting licences other than ancillary licences and remote betting intermediary trading room only licences. All such gambling software must also be supplied to the licensee by a holder of a gambling software operating licence. Such software must only be installed or adapted by the holder of such a licence. All non-remote gaming machine technical and gambling software licences and remote operating licences, including remote gaming machine technical, remote gambling software and betting ancillary remote licences, but not remote betting intermediary trading rooms only licences.


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