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Poker stars reddit

poker stars reddit

You want to talk real money online poker? Necessary Necessary. Who Are the Top 5 Forgotten Heros betpawa popular bets Starw History?

Poker stars reddit -

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So good this app fantabulas offers top poker site no. Your online poker experience. Upcoming Tournaments. Buy In: {buy in}. Recent Articles. Five Old West Poker Players — Part I.

Who Are the Top 5 Forgotten Heros in Poker History? For More Articles. The real online poker experience.

Global Brand Join poker players from all over the world and discover why they love poker. Learn how to play Playing has never been easier.

Just for You No matter who you are, or what kind of game you play, we have a table or tournament for you. And in most cases when discussing a poker hand online, we do not even have all of this vital information. Sometimes a GTO solver based approach works, sometimes you need to use an Exploitative strategy.

If you play small stakes games, most of the time a GTO strategy is bad advice. But most members of poker forums and poker reddit are absolutely convinced that they have found the one true way to play poker though.

They have solved the game! They have reached the peak of the mountain of poker knowledge! The amount of insane black or white ego driven thinking in poker these days absolutely boggles the mind. And that is because "being right" on an anonymous internet forum or reddit actually means a lot to many of these people.

That is why they spend such absurd amounts of time on them, sometimes making thousands of posts. They will battle you until the end of time to prove that they are "right" about a hand of poker. Time Wasting Gossip and Off Topic Discussions The last reason why poker forums and reddits can be harmful for your poker game is that many of the most popular discussions aren't even about poker strategy!

For instance, one of the most popular sections of the most popular poker forum is called "NVG". This is literally a place where people gossip and spread rumours about other well known poker pros. This is something you would expect out of a bunch of high school girls, not grown men!

Clearly many people like this sort of thing. Look at the success of TMZ for instance gossiping about the private lives of celebrities. The bottom line though is that from a purely practical perspective, time wasting discussions like this are very unlikely to do anything good for your poker game.

Do you want a simple step by step guide to show you exactly how to start winning consistently right now? That is why I recently wrote this free little 50 page no BS guide to teach you exactly how to start crushing these games right now.

Never guess again about when to bet, raise and bluff. I even include charts showing you exactly what hands to play in all situations! Enter your details below and I will send my free poker cheat sheet to your email right now.

And this is, poker is a game where you only make money when you are actually at the tables, playing poker. Just like with a regular job, when you are not playing poker, you are not profitable. I have never heard of any poker forums or poker subreddits that pay people to make hundreds or thousands of posts and waste countless hours of their time!

In fact, the only people laughing all the way to the bank are the owners of poker forums and reddit who are making great profits from all this free content, lol.

Anyways, while the keyboard warriors are grinding it out on the forums and reddit, the real poker players are at the tables stacking the fish and building their bankroll.

My grind station near the beach. This was actually the single biggest breakthrough I had when I stopped reading poker forums and reddits 10 years ago. Well, you have probably heard the old saying that iron sharpens iron.

And that is because it is true. So the first thing you are going to have to do is get yourself around some winning poker players or at least some people who are really serious about improving.

Finding people who have a real name or at least a well known online screen name would be a good start. Like I said before, one of the main problems with poker forums and reddit is that everybody is anonymous.

Why should I trust the advice of some guy named "pokergod87" or "bignuts92"? This is basically the biggest red flag of them all. If they actually knew what they were talking about, and had some real results in the poker world, they wouldn't be hiding behind a keyboard.

The Solution to the Trolls: Private Social Media Groups So as mentioned, social media is a great place to find other poker pros or serious poker players. In fact I use it all the time. I am available on all the major platforms: Facebook Instagram Twitter Plus a bunch more.

And I always use either my online poker screen name "BlackRain79" or my real name, Nathan Williams, and of course my real picture as well. Poker players send me dm's and messages all the time on these social media networks and I am often in contact with other well known pros as well.

BlackRain79 Private Facebook Poker Talk Group Many people these days will also set up a private Facebook group to discuss poker hands and talk about strategy with other serious poker players.

In fact, recently I decided to just go ahead and start my own private BlackRain79 Facebook Poker Talk group. It has over 10, members now and it is the fastest growing private poker group on Facebook in the past year.

You can join for free right here. People have been telling me for years that they are sick of the "know-it-alls" and the negativity on the poker forums and reddit. And I think the incredible growth of my Facebook group, over 10, members , is clear evidence of that.

Meet Other Poker Players in Real Life Shocking Now there is one last option for networking with other good poker players and it is easily the best option in my opinion. I have personally met countless poker pros in real life and it pretty much always started by connecting through social media.

Now admittedly this is a little bit easier for me to do since I decided to move to SE Asia and grind online poker from my laptop on the beach over 10 years ago.

This is something that tons of other online poker pros have also decided to do. So unlike all the anonymous keyboard warriors in the poker forums and poker subreddits there is a big group of us professional poker players out here, who actually meet up in person.

Crazy I know! But still in most of these cases we connected initially through social media, this blog or my Youtube channel. This is a great reason by the way to start sharing your ideas about poker online under your own name, rather than wasting your time with all the anonymous clowns on forums and reddit.

You will naturally start to attract more serious poker players just by putting your thoughts out there on a regular basis, as a real person!

Lastly, attending big events like the World Series of Poker can also be a great way to meet other poker players as they tend to attract all the big names and serious amateurs as well. I regularly travel to these as well in order to meet up with some of the biggest names in the industry, and talk strategy with other proven poker pros.

Final Thoughts Poker forums and poker subreddits can seem like a natural place to discuss the game and get advice especially for many newer poker players. His passion for writing has been well-combined with his insight into the industry's latest developments.

Tomas is a vigorous and unflagging member of our team, always ready to discuss the latest improvements in the sector, from Virtual Reality VR to using Artificial Intelligence AI to teach people poker, you will be in no shortage of talking points when you meet Tomas.

Incidentally, Tomas is quite passionate about teaching people poker, so he will be bringing the occasional in-depth strategy piece. Table of Contents. Claim Bonus BetOnline Review. Everygame Poker. Claim Bonus Everygame Poker Review. Bovada Poker. Claim Bonus Bovada Poker Review.

Guide: Building a Bankroll on Bovada US players [LONG! Americas Cardroom. Claim Bonus Americas Cardroom Review. Related Topics:. Tomas Medon Tomas is quite the poker enthusiast having played and watched the game for over a decade now. Best Cryptocurrency Online Poker Sites in the USA Previous Article.

Has a poker cheating device been introduced to live poker? Next Article. Must Read. By Tomas Medon. How to Become an Online Poker Pro — Everything You Need to Know.

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NO DEPOSIT NEEDED. Great poker stars reddit app, loads of betpawa popular bets reddif various www predictz, easy staars download, easy to play, no issues at all. We are a poekr team of reddi who place our players at the heart of everything we do. Poker should be fun and exciting. And as such we endeavour to create a poker platform to please as many poker players as possible. Our customers will find us to be a safe and secure environment where they can enjoy the poker games they love. Syars Poker stars reddit Giveaways Plker All Online Poker Games! Track free spins no deposit slotscalendar online redrit gameplay and achievements. Share and interact betpawa popular bets reddot global poker community. Make fun poker side bets with fellow poker game players and share your progress and wins! Express yourself with short video clips for a more immersive online poker experience. Send messages to other poker players to create a more authentic poker experience when you play poker online. Interact with the other poker players on the table.

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