Five rules for a healthy life


Five rules for a healthy life 

In this fast paced world, everybody is so busy that we do not get time to plan our diet. Result 
is we eat food that leads to various illness. The other factor that keeps us away from healthy diet
is too much of information available, we dont know which one to grab and which one to throw.
Here I have tried to come up with some very basic five rules which can keep you healthy.
Eat a rich breakfast

This is the first and the very basic rule and certainly one of the key factor in keeping you healthy.
Many of us skip breakfast due to our so called busy lives and then we develop a habit of not taking 
breakfast at all, which is really very dangerous.
Drink a lot of water

You should take a lot of water, this will help in flushing out all the bad elements that you eat
and maintain the required amount of water in the body.
Take a light dinner

Our dinner should always be light. The body needs rest while you are atsleep, and if you take 
a heavy dinner, you are not giving your digestive system the opportunity to rest.
Have a proper sleep of atleast 8 hours

Its a fact that a proper sleep is even more important than food or water. Sleeping means that your body
parts gets proper rest and they are rejuvenated for another lively day afresh.
Do a workout daily

Following any healthy regime would not work best if you skip this last but the golden rule.
You should walk daily, even walking a few miles would help.