Boiled egg pakora recipe

Boiled egg pakora recipe presents to you the recipe of boiled egg pakora. Boiled eggs can be used to prepare a lot of delicious recipes and pakoras are one of them.

What you need for Egg Pakora

Ingredients for Egg pakora

4 boiled eggs
2-3 tbsp Gram flour
Black pepper powder
Vegetable Oil to fry
Red Chili powder to taste
Salt To Taste

How to cook Egg Pakora

Take peeled boiled eggs and cut them into two halves. Add salt, pepper to the eggs.
Take gram flour in a bown add water, salt and chilli powder to it and make a thick batter. Dip egg pieces in
the batter. Head vegetable oil in deep vessel and add the dipped egg pieces to it and deep fry these
till the color is changed to golden brown on low flames. Serve egg pakora hot with green chutney.