Month: October 2020



Southeastern Mills, makers of Better Than Bouillon® and Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce — and a major supplier to the food service industry — have announced a complete rebrand to Summit Hill Foods, effective immediately. The extensive rebranding initiative is the result of a year-long effort that includes the new company name, brand manifesto, company logo […]


Restaurant Profitability Is a Simple Math Problem

Oh how I wish achieving restaurant profitability was only a simple math problem. But the real issues that hold restaurant owners back from achieving their desired profitability are mostly psychological. It’s true that profitability can be broken down to the most basic level; you need to spend less money than you bring in. And in […]


Waitr’s Recent Struggles Expose the Instability of Commission-Based Delivery Apps

Waitr is one of the many third-party delivery marketplaces that’s been in the news lately for less than flattering reasons. The Lake Charles, Louisiana-based online ordering and delivery app saw its stock price plunge, lost its CEO and CFO recently, and has even been the subject of boycotts by restaurateurs and customers. This turbulence is […]


Risks Lurk Behind the Door Marked ‘Employees Only’

From digital menus to contactless payment options, restaurants today are flocking to front-of-house touchless technologies to keep customers safe and coming back. But, behind the door marked “Employees Only,” there are several common coronavirus risk factors that many restaurants aren’t yet addressing. Fortunately, resolving these risks is easy and won’t require significant budget to implement. Better […]

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