Month: August 2020


Second Wave of Restaurant Chain Bankruptcy Filings Could Offer New Opportunities  

Anyone who has worked the back of the house at a popular restaurant knows how chaotic the kitchen can feel during a restaurant “rush” hour—knives, spoons, and spatulas being swung around, glassware flying, line cooks and sous chefs furiously plating food and sending it out. The same intensity will also mark what the restaurant bankruptcy […]


Manage Restaurant Business Systems, Not People

Running a restaurant business is tough and if you struggle with managing people, it can be brutal. Let me lighten that expectation and share with you what I’ve learned working with restaurant owners everywhere. Managing people doesn’t work. I cannot tell you how often we start with a Management Consulting Services (MCS) client to find […]


Are Ghost Kitchens Helping or Harming Independent Restaurants?

Within the past two years, the number of restaurants in the US that offer online delivery has grown by an incredible 210%. Given this rapid increase, it’s not surprising that attitudes and business practices related to online ordering are transforming quickly, too. Many online delivery apps are no longer content to just provide ordering technology […]


Four Innovative Pandemic Restaurant Marketing Strategies that Need to Continue

Due to the pandemic, restaurants everywhere were forced to examine their marketing strategies, to dig deep into their creative depths, and in many cases, move beyond their typical comfort zones. Restaurants that closed completely during emergency shut-downs were faced with the challenge of remaining top-of-mind when their patrons weren’t able to dine with them and ways in […]


NEW Coffee mate Toll House Cookies ‘n Cocoa + Seasonal Creamer Lineup

Coffee mate unveiled its highly anticipated seasonal offerings, including a new, limited-edition holiday creamer: Coffee mate Toll House Cookies n’ Cocoa. With flavors reminiscent of chocolate chip cookies and warm hot cocoa, this festive creamer brings two of the most beloved holiday treats together. New offerings from natural bliss will also join this year’s seasonal lineup — dairy-based Mint […]


Restaurant Management Training Is Essential to Success

Restaurant management training is so important to your restaurant’s success because you can’t do it all. You have to make your managers accountable. When your management team knows what the job is, how to do it and how well you want it done… you have a management team that gets things done, meets expectations and […]

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